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Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
I was really disappointed with 135I.
1)It's only around 100lb lighter then a regular 335
2) It's pretty darn close to a 335 sedan's price. (It's more then predicted)
3) Compared to a 335, it's ugly
4) No double exhaust???? People might mistake it for 128I

Anyway, a informative customer would choose a 'better looking' 335 over a 135, not caring about giving extra for it.....because it's worth the money

An informative customer would also know that the 135i weighs a hair under 200lbs less then the 335i not 100, that it comes stock with 6-pot brakes and sport suspension(though I will say no clue how it will handle against the 335i), and if you looked at some pictures of the underside of a 135i the "single" pipe is larger then the two duals on a 335i.