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Originally Posted by LI E90 View Post
it will never happen............... but just some food for thought.

The Isetta had 3 wheels and front opening door this concept retains NON of the original traits that made the Isetta so unique, and now so collectible.

what is the point of calling it an Isetta if they are going to change all the details?

wonder if they would keep the 15hp motorcycle engine too!
Not all isettas had three wheels. I think it resembles the original enough to keep the name. Look at the current 3er vs. the original.

I think it would be a good idea. The original was very successful. Unfortunately, it would never come here. It doesn't represent what Americans think BMW is. The smart car already has 30,000 preorders and its not even here yet.

My local dealer restored one and its in their showroom.