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An informative customer would also know that the 135i weighs a hair under 200lbs less then the 335i not 100, that it comes stock with 6-pot brakes and sport suspension(though I will say no clue how it will handle against the 335i), and if you looked at some pictures of the underside of a 135i the "single" pipe is larger then the two duals on a 335i.
You are right bro. First the 1 is 200 pounds lighter, look at Second, it does come with better brakes. I will say though, that I'd rather have the dual exhaust. Two 2.5 inch exhaust is better than one big one for breathing when it comes to a twin turbo i6. A large 3 inch though, should be almost as good, maybe just as good. How can anyone say this car is bad. This car is made to be more of a sports car for cheeper money. It is still a 35,000 dollar car, so how you going to have little ricers being dumb with this car. I see plenty of 3 series ricers, so come on now. If you want class and sportiness go for 3, if you want more sport, go for the 1. Honetly I feel like if this was a 3 series, everyone would praise this thing.