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Originally Posted by *****ed335BMW View Post
My question is, with the 135i coming out eventually, don't you think BMW will start to draw individuals (especially 17 and 18 year olds) to buy their cars and just totally reck the BMW image of a classy car and a classy driver?? I mean to start off the car is pretty ugly and now we are going to definitely be drawing some of the Evo and Sti guys who are just going to be worrying about the loudest blowoff valve and the highest amount of boost only and slapping stickers on their cars. Not to sound Pompous but there are gonna be alot more, can we say j@ckAsses, driving around BMW's and trying to race everything and anything. I mean I have nothing against people who drive Evo's and Sti's, some of my friends have them and they are extremely successful and classy people. I just think in a way it is not going to lower the class necessarily but just the overall image of a BMW and the average driver. I just think the 135i is going to draw a crowd BMW may not necessarily want..........(let me clarify I have nothing against younger kids or Sti or Evo owners, but I am from NY and the average Evo or Sti owner is racing around CONSTANTLY and trying to race people at all times and just trying to either make the most noise possible, BOV and Turbo back exhaust and accelerate extremely fast and slow down quickly, like those types of moves while driving are just stupid and annoying) Also, I'm sure there is also 335i drivers already out there too that are just as immature.........(flame me if you want, this is more of a possible expectation and a question, than a statement)

suit on........(i just wanted to here peoples opinions, no arguements please)

So essentially you're really wonding if everyone on the forced induction forum will dump their 335i's after the leases are up and then have their parents buy them the 135i??

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