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Originally Posted by Fatbloke View Post
Mike, You're probably right. to get even a sub 10min time take massive committment on two wheels given that there are no run offs, just expensive sharp armco. 1 mistake & it's curtains. However, the place is run as a public toll road, are the buses full of german tourists any less a nuiscance than any other slow moving vehicle?

Having said that the guys who can hustle a bike around in less than 8 mins have to be seen to be believed.

What have you managed (in what?)
9.51 in the 325 d and 8.53 in the M3 (only driven it for a week at that stage) my last timed lap in the M3 was on course for better but we stopped just before the mini-carousell as an Exige we were chasing crashed badly.

The buses I find OK, they`re big and keep out of the way, whats annoying about the bikes is they all think they`re quick down the straights and up through the forest but then brake so hard for the bends and refuse to move off the racing line that they ruin your lap. I understand that everyone wants to have as much fun as possible and its annoying having to move off the racing line but I think it would be better and much, much safer for everyone if the bikes and cars ran seperately (maybe an hour each, or something ?) I went twice this year and on both occasions there were biker fatalities.

Don`t get me wrong bikes can be great in the right hands and watching the one or two truly skilled riders keeping up with the Zakspeed vipers is awesome but I find most of the riding there terrifying.