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RWD only.
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Just saw it. I learned a lot like the other guy just said. It's amazing how ergonomically designed the factory was.

Did anyone notice a few things that seemed kinda weird, or is it just me. They used M Coupes, not a Z4 3.0si in the track footage, and then they used the pre-facelift Z4's that had the amber in the headlight for the assembly footage. Not to mention the X5s there were pre-facelift in the assembly, whereas when they mentioned "this is the same plant as where the X5s are built", they use a post-facelift X5.

I think I'm just nitpicking, but nonetheless I loved it.

I was starting to watch Chevy build a Z06, and started laughing when the workers were talking to each other "what level do I need to set the weld to"...*welds piece of chassis*..."Oh, good, at least I didn't mess up the chassis". lol at the Vette's production workers. At least it's a cool car haha.
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