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Originally Posted by Bumps View Post
That's the way to do it!! Once did all my Xmas shopping in a 30min lunch break on Xmas eve. There's no other way. If you have 30 mins to do something it'll take 30 mins, if you have 6 months, it'll take 6 months etc. Apart from some things that is

I spent a couple of hours on t'internet last night looking for pressies for my 3 year old son who wants a toy Ferrari, Lamborghini and Golf GTi (like Dads, aw schucks). Thing is, he specified in his letter to lapland that he did not want remote/radio control just 'push along' - Toys'r'us etc only seem to have remote control Fezzas/Lambos.

God bless the Ferrari shop and ebay is all I can say! Shiny red F430 like Dad drove on his recent track day and bright yellow Gallardo and silver GTi (couldn't get black like mine) on their way!!

I will revert to type and get everything else on Christmas Eve like most other blokes!