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Originally Posted by SteveInNC View Post
The BMW guy said that for years they had been telling people that the roundel represented a propeller from BMW's heritage of building aircraft motors, but they've since determined that it's simply the colors of the Bavarian flag, as shown in the flag's blue/white checker pattern (hey, he said it, not me...).
I believe this is part of chopping up an interview and not getting the whole truth.

The actual shape did come from the airplane propeller rotating. The misconception is that the colors in the logo came from the blue sky behind the propeller spinning (this is were the Bavarian flag actually comes into play).

The attached picture is supposedly were the shape of the was derived. At least this is the picture and information that BMW sent us and used to train all the dealer personnel that went through the BMW University.

BTW... They did mess up on the show. My interview was put on the cutting room floor but they put my name under the Production Manager at that plant during his interview (that is not me ). If you don't blink, you will see me walking the customer down the hall to show him his new Z4.

As some of you stated, it was very informative. I have worked at the BMW Performance Center for almost 8 years. I was able to see and learn more information from that show than all my actual tours of the factory.
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