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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Steve it aint just a fuckin diesel bm, Im quite attatched to that ''diesel bm''

you remind me of a 17 yr old kid at santa pod, as he walks past checking the car out and says '' its only a diesel''

i said ''yeah a late 13 second pass diesel'' ''what does ya saxo run''

it aint just a diesel bm, its a high performace car which in every frickin mag i read gets rated higher than its petrol counterpart (335i).

With all this talk of ''its a diesel its a diesel'' im selling up at getting a fookin CSL!
Carl, its a CAR and you sound like you feel that are better than these so called faggots, because you have a 335d!!! It is only a diesel bm and i can talk with authority because i own one.

I dont like it when people look down on others, i fucking hate snobs.

About it just being a deisel bm, if you had a 335i i would of said its only a petrol bm, nice cars but doesnt make you lord muck.

So just to clarify when im at the dyno day dont make snobby jokes round me cause i will react in a way you wont like.
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