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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
gran turismo 5 prologue for the ps3 is scheduled to be released december 13th according to, and many other game magazines.

i can't wait!! anyone going to use a steering wheel? im thinking of this one but don't know if it will be suported,en.

this steering wheel doesn't look bad either
I'm not sure how I feel about paying 50$ for a demo of a game and then another 60 for the game itself. Actually I do know, I feel like slitting someones throat.

But given that I have already been playing the demo of this demo, let me say it again, the demo of this demo of gt5, I'll be buying it. :sad0147:

Also save yourself some cash and see if you can find the old gtforce pro wheel they made for GT4 it's probably less than 100 dollars now and you get the same 900 degree wheel with the crazy strong force feedback.

Whichever you buy DEFINITELY BUY ONE this game should NOT be played with a controller, and frankly, I have no idea how anyone stays on course using the analog sticks.

This is the wheel I have,en