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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
just installed mine...

the most important thing is to install the new clutch and brake pedals on the bottom first, then use the big flaps on the sides to stretch out and cover the top

oh and don't try to install the rubber first and then the medal... it won't work
I'm having this debacle right now. I tried to remove the metal and put the rubber on first then put the metal back on but that will definitely not work. I have the brake pedal on now but the rubber is popping out on the top and on the left side. It took me so long to get that far I may just leave it. Debating it right now.

On the accelerator pedal, the screw that holds it in has no place to unscrew it (i.e. no place to put a screw driver to remove it). Was everyone elses like this? If so, how did you remove that screw. It almost seems like a bolt to me because of the smooth top.