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Speaking of car weights, I had my 325i weighed when I was at Roebling Road a couple of months ago -

Just the car (no driver) -

LF 799 RF 859
LR 847 RR 828

total weight - 3333 lbs

Front - 49.74%
Rear - 50.26%

Left - 49.38%
Right - 50.62%

Just for reference, my car is completely stock, except that I've replaced the tires with Michelin PS2's (non-run flat). At the time of the weighing, I had most of a tank of gas, no floor mats, completely empty car, except my Continental emergency air pump was still in the trunk wrapped in a towel.

The 325i may be down on power, but it's down on weight too, compared to other E90s that is. On the few occasions that we've had 335i's show up at our autocrosses, I've been at least two seconds quicker, but seat time probably made the biggest difference.
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