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Originally Posted by tomwid View Post
How the hell is it pure if it is open to intrepretation?
It isn't open to interpretation by anyone. It is open to interpretation by a few educated scholars who have devoted their lives to studying the Qur'an and the Hadiths (sayings/actions) of the Prophet.

The Qur'an is packed with a lot of meaning....volumes have been written from single verses from the Qur'an (by these same scholars who help to explain it properly). You or I can't simply pick it up and understand it in the correct context. The translations that are out there only do so much to give a literal meaning, but the true meaning must be learned in the historical context in which it was revealed.

I'll say it again...the religion is pure and one of the Prophet's purposes (as a messenger) was to explain the Qur'an (both with his words and with his actions). The Qur'an could have simply been handed to the people without a messenger, but the purpose of having a messenger is to leave no room for mis-interpretation (and to have a living embodiment of the religion to help guide the people).

The Qur'an is often misinterpreted intentionally by those wishing to defame the beautiful faith (by taking out of context excerpts). It is also misinterpreted by those looking for an excuse to justify their actions. The latter does more to hurt the religion because the people out there who don't know any better will believe that this is what the religion stands for (when in reality, it is a radical twist that goes against the very religion).

I can go on and on, but you get the point....