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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I not here to knock you down only to help explain that while boring compared to rwd in non-skilled hands the car is every bit as quick if not quicker than rwd.
First off, sorry that you have been made delusional by Audi's marketing campaign. Second,

AWD adds weight and cost,\ and has more power loss through the drivetrain. All things being equal (as in 335i vs 335xi), the 335i will be the better performer on any kind of track because it weighs less, has less drivetrain losses, and is better balanced with less understeer. Now if you take these two cars, make them weigh the same, make them equally weight balanced, and up the horsepower on the AWD model so that it puts the same power to the ground as the non-AWD model, then maybe the AWD will be the better performer. But this can only happen in fantasy-land.

And, yes, your precious Audis understeer like pigs (just like my STi and most/all other AWD cars). Can you cause oversteer by mashing the gas pedal in the middle of a turn? Sure. But AWD cars are naturally setup to understeer.
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