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Originally Posted by ChrisMWard View Post
Good write up.

Having had loads of cars with LSDs, I can vouch for the extra traction. I've found FWD cars tend to be a bit twitchy though when an LSD is fitted and I would say torque steer is probably increased especially with plate type diffs. Gear type diffs such as the Quaife and Torsen and are more progressive and the Ferguson diffs that were used by Ford where very easy to live with.

The three BMWs we've had with LSDs all had a habit of wagging their tails if pushed really hard and with no electronic aids were fun but controllable.



Disagree chris mate, i have a Ford fiesta RS Turbo and she is fwd. She was running 230bhp. A LSD diff made ONE hell of a difference, The car felt safer and torque steered much less.. Still Torque steered tho, even at 100mph
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