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Sirius audio quality

I had my Sirius sat radio installed and activated yesterday (my car came with sat prep) and I must say that I'm somewhat disappointed in the sound quality. When comparing the sound of a Sirius music station to that of a good FM station, I find the FM sound to be richer and more balanced with fuller range. The Sirius sound has too much bass at the normal setting and feels like it is rather flat in the middle range. Overall it sounds a lot less rich than a good FM station. I won't even start comparing it with CD sound. I don't know if my description is clear... I tend to think of myself as somewhat of an audiophile but possibly without the proper vocabulary to describe what I hear precisely.

What are the impressions of people who have had Sirius sat radio in the E90 for a while? I'm trying to pinpoint the contributing factors to this. Is it just the best that I could expect from Sirius? Is there something wrong with my setup (antenna or wiring)? Or is it how the E90 audio system interprets and reproduces the Sirius signals.

Any comments will be appreciated!