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Originally Posted by ntpcrew13
i have sirius sat in my 330i also, but mine was factory installed. i know exactly what you are talking about. i was a bit disappointed with the sound quiality as well, but i realized you cant really compare it to CDs. i have flipped sat radio and regular radio back and forth to check the differences in sound; and i think sat radio is still better then regulary radio, but not by much. i can still tell the difference in sound quality. i did notice though that playing my ipod thru the AUX input; i need to increase the volume alot incomparison to regular radio, sat radio, and CDs. are others having to do this also?
Have you set the bass, trebble, and mid for the satellite radio? Each audio source retains separate settings, so if for example you like your music a bit brite and have high trebble for FM and CD you will also need to set it that way for Satellite. Otherwise it would seem flat.
Might not be this at all, and pretty soon I will have mine installed and find out for myself. Just a thought.