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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
All I know is If I wanted to get a track car I'd have bought an Elise. I don't see the point of tearing your interior to pieces thats ridiculous.Why buy a BMW? CF hood/parts that replace something I can understand wheels or ligther pieces that replace something. Maybe even nice seats depending if they match but just gutting your car is retarded just trade it in and be done with it.It looks gross.
Originally Posted by TTBM View Post
+1 if you bought the 335 for tracking you made a mistake
Usually, the people who make posts like these are the ones who never track their cars (regardless of what it is) ever. looks gross! boohoohoo Everyone has different priorities, I say do what you want, it's your car.

Also, the feel of BMWs is a preference as well. And the 335 is very capable on the track, I don't see why it should stay away from it.

Elises are great cars, but they need a bit more power, not to mention a 335 is a way better dual-purpose than an Elise.