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Thanks to the Posters above who pointed me in Ryan's (ALPINE6SPD) direction.

I was looking to lease a 328xi sedan and went to Flemington BMW on 26OCT after getting quotes from the other area dealers. Ryan gave me a tour of their new facility, test drove, went over the vehicle and options and answered all my questions. Ryan definately knows his products and he treated me like a customer. He did not push and did not BS. We agreed on a deal and I left a deposit.

Fast fwd to 07DEC, six weeks after placing order. I picked up the car. All the figures matched our deal. Ryan did not push extras. I did not have to speak to a 2nd person. We went over the features of the car and I drove home with a big smile on my face the whole way. Smooth transaction the whole way. You can't go wrong with Ryan/Flemington. Thanks again Ryan!!!