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Originally Posted by Zirenz2006 View Post
Well put! Moore is in it to make $$. He sucked in every gullible liberal and every brain washed college kid. Colleges are the biggest liberal brain wash. Liberals love spewing hate and calling names. That's all they are good for. They love to blame others. Everyone is out to get me - the big bad corporation, the rich guy is keeping me down, there is some big conspiracy against me -poor me!

Boost Nation: Just because 'Farenheit 911' and 'Sicko' make points A,B & C, it doesn't mean they are the truth. I'd be more likely to believe any of that if it was coming from an impartial party but Michael Moore is far from that. All those Hollywood types couldn't wait to be seen at those Michael Moore premiers. It is a fucking joke.

I just don't see how any hard working American who values their $$ and hard work could vote Democrat. A tax-happy party who loves keeping lazy people on the take. I have no problem with my tax $$ helping people who truly need help or can't work for some reason but the Democrats buy the vote of lazy shits who just don't want to work. They'd rather keep having kids so they can get more free $$ and live off of the hard work of others. I've seen it. I have worked with people like that. It's pathetic!

I can't support that.
Just because A, B, C are proven to be true -- it does not make truth???!!! Are you W or something??? What jokes you see in his movies??? Is the healthcare a joke for you??? Why don't you leave your little town and see around. Do you really buy the govt story that the healthcares in Canada, France, Germany... suck and that ours is the only way...

On the other hand, just because an idiot said that Iraq has the WMD and because "God told him it is moral to burn another country" you take it as true???

Moore is openly in business of making movies -- he's not running a charity org to hide his profits. On the other hand, oil companies and their leaders (read Bush family as one of them) are riping us and squeezing the last dime to get richer while we're getting poorer. That is the fact...