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Exclamation *Released* Dinan 335i Software

Good morning, here is some awesome Monday news from Dinan:

Available now at all 150 Dinan dealers.

Dinan, the leader in BMW tuning is now introducing the long awaited BMW 335i Dinan Performance Engine Software. After 29 years of engineering quality Dinan continues to introduce products that are researched, developed and fully tested to meet and exceed the quality and reliability standards of the BMW factory. This new software continues this tradition and is available December 2007.


The revolutionary Dinan Performance Engine Software increases boost from 8.8psi to 13.2psi with properly retuned fuel mixtures, ignition timing and full map rescaling. All of these dimensions in the software lead to an enhanced car that behaves like stock and operates as reliable as OEM.

Dinan’s software engineering team’s ground-breaking design requires no “piggybacking” or adding “secret” boxes to add onto the ECU. The beauty of Dinan’s design that’s tuned with the proper software tools and not by intercepting and faking signals back into the ECU. The Dinan Performance Engine Software is the only software that addresses all the key areas important to engine performance and safety. Unlike other units currently on the market, the Dinan Performance Engine Software does not compromise reliability. It works in conjunction with the engine management system while preserving all the engine safety monitors.

To top this all off, the ECU for the car does not need to be taken out to load the software. There is no need to take out the ECU and create downtime for customers who want this software. It is completely “plug and play”, go to any Authorized Dinan Dealer and they will upload the software through the OBDII port. Simple, the way it should be.


The Dinan Performance Engine Software increases the boost from 8.8psi to 13.2psi which increases power to 384 hp and 421 lb/ft torque. This is an increase of 52hp and 96 lb/ft of torque. When a Dinan exhaust (rear mufflers and middle exhaust wit X-pipe) are added the output increases to 392hp and 429 lb/ft torque. This is an increase of 62hp and 103 lb/ft of torque. The top speed governor has also been removed to allow the car to reach its full potential.

The drivability stays close to stock as much as possible, although the Dinan Performance Engine Software does give out 50% more boost during the same time frame compared to a stock 335i, enhancing the aggressiveness on the spool up. This creates a driving feel that is unequalled in smooth, rapid power delivery with massive midrange torque.

To even further the performance of the software and preserve engine reliability, Dinan reprograms the electronically controlled water pump to increase flow during high boost usage. In addition Dinan also offers an optional oil cooler. Twice the size of the stock oil cooler, the Dinan unit allows the better heat transfer and flow through the cooler than stock, keeping the engine and turbo’s well within temperature limits with the increase in boost. Dinan has a huge selection of compatible products that will work to compliment the software with more coming out soon.


Dinan is the only tuner on the BMW market that has a 4 year/ 50k mile factory matching warranty including consequential damages. If your car does not come with an oil cooler, one is required with the Dinan software to maintain warranty coverage. If you have the factory small oil cooler, Dinan still strongly recommends the larger oil cooler upgrade.


Software cost is $2,000.00, The oil cooler cost is $2,000.00 as well.

The Dinan Way

Dinan has taken the time to comprehensively research what is necessary to do tuning the way the factory would. The Dinan Engine Performance Software is an example of this. There are many different areas other than power that Dinan has addressed to ensure reliability and longevity of your vehicle. Here is just a small list of some of the concerns that were found with the vehicle during research and development.

- At high loads for extended periods of time the oil and water temperature ran much to warm. If these were to be left unchecked it could result in damage to the pistons and cylinder walls. To fix this Dinan remapped the water pump and increased the oil cooler size to keep temperatures under control.

- At higher boost settings in the higher RPM range the turbo exceeded the design RPM limit, shortening the lifespan of the turbo. Dinan addressed this problem by tapering boost gradually at high RPM. Future plans include adding larger turbo’s that can handle higher boost pressures at high RPM’s without compromising the durability of the turbo.

- At high boost, the compressor air temperature would exceed the intercoolers ability to cool the intake charge resulting in loss of power and compromising the long term durability of the engine. Dinan addressed this problem by tapering boost gradually at high RPM. Future plans include adding larger turbo’s and a more efficient intercooler so we can increase boost at high RPM’s without compromising the engine’s durability as well as dramatic additional increases in power.

- The engine block on the 335i may not be torsionally rigid enough to handle the torque load on the engine causing premature crankshaft failures. Studies are currently going on to find the weak point in the block and may include block modifications to make the block more rigid for the future higher power applications.

- We believe with proper research it is possible to increase HP to well in excess of 400 hp and torque to over 450 lb/ft!! This of course with great reliability.

Dinan is not always the first on the market with a product, but we are always the best when it comes to the quality of the product. Engineering takes time and research and to do it right means not to rush to the market with a product that has not been fully evaluated on every side. Dinan’s products will reward you with years of driving fun without the worry associated with other aftermarket products available on the market today.

RWHP – Rear Wheel Horsepower
FWHP- Flywheel Horsepower
FWTRQ- Flywheel Torque
RWTRQ- Rear Wheel Torque
Drivetrain Loss factor – Calculated from the differences in power from the engine dyno and the Dynopack dyno.

Dinan brings real world results

Above (Figure 1) shows the results from the dyno test at Dinan headquarters. The chart shows the stock RWHP and the FWHP versus the Dinan RWHP and FWHP. The max hp gain from the Dinan 335i is 79FWHP @ 4300RPM and the max hp from the Dinan 335i is 383FWHP @ 5600RPM with 11.4 psi of boost. The maximum torque is 421 lb/ft @ 4300 rpm that is a gain of 96ft/lbs over stock with 13.2 psi of boost.

Below (Figure 2) shows the results for the Dinan 335i with the software package and race only X pipe and exhaust. Peak power is increased to 392FWHP @ 5600 RPM with 11.5psi of boost and peak torque is up to 429ft/lb @ 4000RPM with 13psi of boost.

The percentage of drivetrain loss has been a talking point among tuners and the numbers have been fluctuating from 10% to over 17%. What most tuners do not know is that drivetrain loss is not a constant factor; it is determined by the frictional losses throughout the engine and drivetrain which differs throughout the entire rev range. As the car goes faster (MPH goes up on the speedo) the gears, bearings and seals are moving at a higher speed and friction increases Dinan has an in house engine and chassis dyno., with these two tools they have been able to log the drivetrain loss to an accuracy of 1%. The dyno HP and TRQ numbers are the closest to real world conditions as you can find.

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