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Originally Posted by vivid
Are you saying poor people have nothing? What a condescending, demeaning and ungodly thing to say. Poor people have a lot of things, and even homeless people have things, maybe not a lot of material possessions but thatís not all there is...

And rich people don't want anything? Not sure how many rich people you know but everyone wants/needs something they don't have, even rich people.

And if you eat it, you will die? If I eat nothing for a meal I'm not going to die... nothing is not arsenic nor cyanided?
Only one thing is gauranteed in life, DEATH! Enjoy life while you have it. however, poor people have nothing, no hope, luck, money, and most the time happiness. The reason behind this, I have found that most of them have no drive/passion/conviction, they just don't seam to want to help themselves get ahead in life. You give them a job, and the treat it like a job(9-5), and not like a way out or career, just something to do while they wait to die. Rich people have a secure life. you can afford what ever you want, and do what ever you want. but you have to have incentive, otherwise you haven't got satifaction. You have to work and have goals for your company, or whatever, otherwise you become bored and unsatified. Bill Gates must be bored stiffless. To much money, and life is boring.