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Originally Posted by sarafil View Post
$650 on a 325? $650? Are you alright???

A 325 is almost a guaranteed "mini" at our dealership. After packs, a typical deal on a 325i at full MSRP is barely a $500 como. A more typical 325 deal pays a $150 flat.

Interestingly, When I started as a BMW CA 7 years ago (2000), in the dealership I worked,a full pop deal on a 325 paid a 675.00 commision based on a 500.00 pack. by summer of 2007 that commission had been reduced to a flat of 200.00 on a full pop (msrp) deal on the same car.

Over the next 5 years I built a personal portfolio of loyal customers and became the "go to " guy for BMW product knowledge and personalized service. Nothing was more fun than serving that BMW newbie that gets his first Bimmer - whether a new grad or a retiring school teacher getting their "dream car". What could be more fun than sharing with a customer your driving experience with Donnie Isley at the BMW Performance Center in an M5 ? Then placing the order for the customer, sending him up to the Center on delivery day , make the follow up call on his cell at the end of the day and hear him tell you--" I never dreamed I would have so much fun ! Thank you for taking care of me !"Truly - I made -for some folks- their dream come true and it was a BLAST.

I worked my way up to BMW Master Client Advisor by 2004 making 65K a year. I approached 80K by the end of 2006 and then watched the discretionary income in our area tumble with the real estate market and a two new managers who formerly sold Fords and Buicks respectively get hired and promptly start the ruination of a reputation that had been built over 5 years that store NEVER had - It was finally getting some respect and they decided to play old school car business.. and so went the store's reputation.....

Anyone in the business long enough knows how it goes when Mgt starts to step on your deals to move units -taking customers from you, giving away gross- doing the scummy things that happen in domestic stores , lying to your customers then backcharging you 200.00 when the survey comes in chitty, cheating, stealing your gross, giving your customers to new, favored salesmen brought with them from hyundai dealers,Loading up a 4 man sales floor that did 35-50 new BMW's a month to 13 salesmen who know NOTHING ABOUT BMW or its customers(or cared about its customers), etc.........Funny thing is - they never got the volume up ......they are selling LESS cars now than they did when they got there.

By June 2007 I had made 24K ... had to get out of the business and get back to what I did before to take care of family.......

For you neo's who want to get in to the business : BEWARE of scumbags who will tell you ANYTHING and do anything TO YOU to make you starve for them.Ask them to put in writing everything they tell you about the car business at their store.. The response to that request will tell you everything you need to know about them.

In my time at BMW ride and drive's and workshops, I met folks who worked a great dealerships. Management and owners who took great care of their sales staff.I , unfortunately I did not work at one of those..... and the owner of the one I worked for had no interest in making his store a real BMW center.

In retrospect - I wouldn't want to sell any other car - I went to Mercedes Benz after that for a few weeks and it was even worse - and the passion for the product ? Not even close.

Do your research carefully, guys.......
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