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Originally Posted by poldim
I placed an order for the Black Lines the other day. Fleet, do you know if there was any kind of update to the lights to get a regular mounting bulb in there without the solder requirement?

Do you happen to know when the US is supposed to get its shipment of lights?

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I think the supplier of the bulb holder made a mistake and made the top socket for the clear P21W bulbs instead of the amber/silver PY21W

The PY21W bulbs have slightly offset pins, so I think they modified the holders to take the offset pins and then soldored them to make shure they are secure.

Now it depends how many holders were made before they could change the design as to when you will get blacklines without solder.

As posted above some guys recently got blacklines in Germany and they still have the solder.

Maybe they wont even change it.

I have no idea when anybody will get stock. last I asked here the system said there were massive backorders in Germany and the system would accept any orders from us untill stock was available.

German dealers did seem to get stock 2 or so weeks ago, so maybe there are some shipments on their way across the world.

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