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Originally Posted by Brisk View Post
Once you pay for Dinan software it is yours for life it can be reloaded 1 million times without cost to you. If you go in for a major service and it is not a Dinan dealer that has the ability to reflash your car using the MIPP tool then you have two choices.

1) Have them take out the ECU that is labeled "DME" and send it to Dinan to get benched flashed. It will be two days worth of air mail and 15 minutes on Dinans computer.

2) Drive carefully to the closest Dinan flash tool and have it reloaded when your service is done.

some info from the m5boards... Tbone where u at

Sorry, I was booking my vacation...

From my experience, the Dinan software doesn't usually get erase with normal programming, like adding Sirius or an alarm. I think it gets wiped with you do a major progman update.

So the best advise, if you choose Dinan, is to get Progman updated first and then flash the ECU.

The guy from M5board that used to work for Dinan is 550Chris and he has reliable information.

At any rate, with Dinan not investing in D-CANs right now, all 08 3er will need to send in their ECUs in any case.
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