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I gave Sky a shot today. I did accept the free(free after I paid for my 40$ car wash today) unlimited washes for a month. The free month is a 'trial' to give them a chance to prove you would like the results.

The wash was quality, they have slowed the speed through the tunnel, and the tunnel appeared in top notch shape and very clean. They also seemed to take great care when drying, detailing, etc after the tunnel. The towels were a very high quality drying towel, and fresh towels were used for every car. The car was very clean. I noticed very little to no swirling on the large panels I made note of prior to and following the wash.

All that said, the windows were not very clean. They advertise cleaning windows inside and out, to which I felt the job was very sub par. They also ignored the inside sunroof even though I made sure to leave the cover open. There was a tiny bit of soap residue left in the passenger side mirror, no big deal, but a detail I feel should not have been missed. The car was not completely dried, although they did pay close attention to door jams, and edges under the trunk and the hood. The tire shine at this place, just like every other place like this on the planet, is beyond terrible. Special note to tell them not to apply it next time.

I fully do not believe they are anywhere near the worth of a 42$ wash that is a standard interior/exterior. That said, they do seem to take precaution with the paint, and do a more decent job than any other place I have to take the car to. I feel like the unlimited washes is totally worth it(at 65$), as long as you get 6 washes a month which is very easy to do. I will probably take mine twice a week for the remainder of the month to verify my opinion of them.

The two largest factors for me to consider here are the care that they take in the summer to remove bugs since driving in the south during the summer is horrible to that respect. And second, I really only consider this a viable option should Atlanta remain in a drought situation, and washing the car myself completely out of the question. As stated above in this thread, there isn't a car wash on the planet that will pay the attention to detail you will yourself.