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I have been posting in this thread for a couple days, but my posts haven't been showing up for general viewing.

Anyway, no one has really answered this question yet:

Originally Posted by sdwilly View Post
Does Dinan and their warranty work with other aftermarket parts? Say I do a Vishnu Exhaust, and ITG, would Dinan turn around and blame them for the failure (assuming there is one) and deny claim? Anyone have any experience with this?
The answer to your question is stated specifically on Dinan's website:

Originally Posted by Dinan
The Dinan Limited Warranty Specifically Excludes:

•return shipping charges, •towing charges, •rental car fees •damage to a component or assembly due to the installation of replacement parts with specifications that differ in any material respect from the original vehicle manufacturer’s or Dinan parts, •damage resulting from the unauthorized modification of a Dinan part or assembly, •damage resulting from the use of other manufacturer’s products in conjunction with Dinan products or systems, •damage to the clutch due to power shifting or abuse, •brake rotor warp, •friction materials, •maintenance services and parts when replaced during maintenance such as spark plugs, lubricants, fluids, engine tune-up parts, replacement of filters, coolant and refrigerant, •mechanical adjustments or repairs which result from normal wear and tear, •drive-belts, •light bulbs, •damage due to the failure to perform maintenance services at the specified intervals or in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual from the original vehicle manufacturer or Dinan’s product instructions, •damage attributable to negligence, improper installation, improper treatment or treatment contrary to the instructions in the owner’s manual from the original vehicle manufacturer or Dinan’s product instructions, •engine damage resulting from altered boost pressure, •damage resulting from the use of improper or contaminated fuel, •damage occurring through corrosion resulting from weak or improper coolant, •damage to a Dinan component as a result of a collision or improper collision damage repairs, •any vehicle operated in any competitive event, •custom-designed competition parts, •damages resulting from loss of time, inconvenience or loss of the use of the vehicle, •damage resulting from environmental influences, flood, accident, fire damage, or road salt corrosion, •re-manufactured or refurbished products or components (these products are clearly identified as re-furbished and are warranted for the period specified for that particular product).
Bottom line, if you want your Dinan warranty to remain intact, don't put any other aftermarket parts on and don't take your car to the track, drag strip, auto-x, etc.

Also noted this from the Dinan website. For the 335i Engine Software it says...

Emission Status: 49 State Emission Legal

So what state is it not emissions legal? I'd assume California. Does that mean that they won't sell it in CA?