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Originally Posted by elucas730a View Post
I have been posting in this thread for a couple days, but my posts haven't been showing up for general viewing.

Anyway, no one has really answered this question yet:

The answer to your question is stated specifically on Dinan's website:

Bottom line, if you want your Dinan warranty to remain intact, don't put any other aftermarket parts on and don't take your car to the track, drag strip, auto-x, etc.

Also noted this from the Dinan website. For the 335i Engine Software it says...

Emission Status: 49 State Emission Legal

So what state is it not emissions legal? I'd assume California. Does that mean that they won't sell it in CA?

Dinan makes it clear, you better do NOTHING else to your car or you void the warranty. And before you guys say it is not a big deal if you add an intake or exhaust, remember your argument about ethics?