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Originally Posted by ehsmadhatter View Post
Just talked to BMW of San Diego. Reflash is California legal.
I am a little worried about the labor, they are saying it is an
all day thing and that is not 1 hour of labor or $150. I will call
around and see what others are saying about the install time.
That's BS! You should print out the page directly from dinan's website. On there it clearly states 1 hour of labor. My dealer told me it may take 3 or 4 hours to install. I told him about dinan's website and what it said. He said if that's how long they say it should take then that is all we will charge you. I was charged one hour of labor AND I got a discount since I was their 1st one
I dropped the car off last night and it was done by noon today. I told him to take as long as he wanted and he could have the car for a few days if he wanted to "play around". It was there 1st flash and he had never even driven in a flashed 335.
He also told me dinan is having "special pricing" until feb.2008 for parts OTHER than the flash