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As Terry, Shiv, and others have been saying, each tune has its merits. The PROcede V2 is super fast and complex. The JB2 is fast and inexpensive. The Dinan's niche is warranty and (?) reliability, but it's way expensive.

Reliability, engine longevity, power curve, and price are my priorities. It is not an easy decision.

I am surprised by how many posters are waiting to decide about the Dinan based on Dynos and 1/4 mile times. Even though it runs at 13.2 psi, I doubt that it will be as fast as the PROcede v2. Without any additional options, it should be about as fast as the JB2 or TT or PROcede v1.48. But it (Dinan) claims to enhance reliability and engine longevity.

Time will tell, eventually someone with the electronic wherewithall will get identical cars set up with the different systems and detail the precise differences among them.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, TOP SPEED! When is someone with the speed limiter off going to tell us how fast the 335 with PROcede v2 will go? This is a bigger deal in Euro, because one can occasionally max out, but also because speed is a luxury, it gets you where you are going more quickly. Munich to Berlin or Vienna in 2 hours, or to Paris in 3...