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Originally Posted by Shinchan View Post
I did both ball and solenoid. Personally, i start with ball 7/32, that one is not a reversable. the things such a tight fit.. I try to massage the ball out for 10 min.. it won't move.. so i cut the hose to get it out. the hose is long enough for you to cut 1" off.

and then i unplug the solenoid and did not get an error. do you know the error code you got? HyperM3?

You know the gas cap not tighten give u an emission error too.....
can anyone further confirm this? you guys say that 7/32 bearing ball is the size but is not reversable...

for those of you who did the 4.5mm bb reversable, meaing it comes out? also did you guys use a metal one b/c i think the plastic bb will melt no?