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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Whaddya benching 40-45 pounds?

If I were really after fuel economy, I would be driving a turbo diesel with direct injection, I am sure I can find some 50 mpg cars out there.

I will be driving some 600 hp car, so long as the car companies' average mpg meets a certain target.

Hybrids are a joke.
Currently, a joke at the race track, yes.. Will performance cars have some sort of hybrid technology in the future with really light super capacitors? I can definitely see that!

Your little turbo diesel that gets 50mpg would probably be getting 70mpg if it had a hybrid system implemented.

The amount of energy thrown away when breaking is no joke. Having gobs of torque available from an electric motor will turn out to be very fun when used in the new generation sports cars.

Don’t call a technology a joke just because you don’t understand it.

I bench 250 but, not sure what that has to do with it???