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Originally Posted by silverado

I don't think anyone here suggested that it is worse than XM. Some of the posters above said both are bad. I am beginning to think that the difference in opinion about the quality (which, as we see here, is sometimes extreme) simply reflects difference in personal taste and ability to discern audio quality. I don't mean anything disparaging, but people differ in how they perceive sound and how sensitive they are to small details in quality. I think those of us who see satellite radio as having bad quality are simply unlucky because it takes a lot more to make us happy.

I think I will make do with Sirius. The quality is just "ok", but the selection as mentioned is superb.
I hear ya Silver (mind if i call you Silver?), and while I'm no Amar Bose, I can discern "tinny" from "quite impressive." Bottom line, if the Sirius in my wife's car is as good as the XM in mine, we'll both be quite happy -- and I suspect 95% of the people who heard it would agree. If it isn't, then we'll have to consider whether the "content advantages" outweigh the "audio disadvantages", or wait for an XM Direct box for the e90. I would be interested in hearing from someone who can compare Sirius in the E90 to XM in the E46 -- or in general.