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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Nicely reviewed and summed up Tony.

I take it that's all round?
Good price if so.
Is it Birds again? I might think about this myself what with the added BHP and torque,safety over aesthetics might rule, and the quad exhaust might go on the back burner.

Tony, are you considering any form of MPG enhancement mod ,or do you find the mods to date give you added efficiency, thereby negating the need for the fuel saving mod with of course the bonus of added BHP?
That is all round, and yes Birds again.

I think for you with your remap, safety over aesthetics would be more prudent, with the LSD top of the list. The exhaust looks good, but won't do much for the sound as it's a diesel.

I have thought about the MPG enhancement mod, but being completely truthful, I am 200% sure that I have extracted MORE out of my car by doing the LSD alone than by going for a remap or Procede box. Like most other people, I like fast cars, I like speed and I like the feel of having unburstable power under my right foot. However, I crave handling, balance and controllability even more than speed, as ultimately on a back road blast, a well-sorted car will out-point an over-powered but below-par-handling car (Cayman S vs 335i/d for instance). Now that my car really does handle spectacularly well with the addition of the rollbars, my next mod will be to get it stop better repeatedly under heavy braking. Given that a lot of the miles are put on at high speeds in Germany, this seems like a good thing. Don't get me wrong - the standard 335 brakes are good in isolation, but after two or three highish-speed stops, they're completely shot until they cool off.

After the brakes, I'll think about the MPG enhancement, as it will be the last mechanical thing I do.