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Originally Posted by Evil Diesel View Post
Nice review mate.

To be fair though I would spend my cash on some proper 6 pot brakes before the LSD or roll bars. The E92 brakes are a leap forward from the E46 but even so I believe that decent stoppers are the fastest mod available .....
I agree entirely that especially under track circumstances, good brakes give the most time gains. However, I do believe that for normal road use the 335 brakes are more than adequate, and for more spirited drivers there is the option of a pad change to something more robust in compound (Pagid fast road pads for instance).

I want 6-pots because of two things - there are occasions when a vehicle will pull out in front of me on the autobahn when I'm doing over 130mph, and I'll wreck my brakes as they are now (even though I have uprated pads) after three or four occurances. Secondly, they'll be a godsend on around the 'Ring. However I have until April next year before I go to the 'Ring in this car, so I prioritised the LSD first, and the rollbars were a bit of an afterthought and impulse purchase (but I'm glad I did)