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As stated, I expected the lowball.....

I went to carmax as well which offered 2500 more than Vista trade in, but think I could do better selling myself.... At least will give a shot...

Actually my bank went to 5.6 not 6.5

Vista F&I never spoke about any other rate. Just the 7.5. Nothing less. Take it or leave it was the impression I got.

When I mentioned the 5.6 from my bank, there was never any counter offer or anything, just silence and then they told me my monthly rate would not be that different. Like I can't figure out the difference in total financed?

Like why would I take 7.5 when I can get 5.6?

Good luck with your car. Hope you get it soon. My sales experience was/is positive, but on their F&I....

My salesman says is scheduled for VPC delivery on 12/16 and feels confident I will get day before Xmas, but is concerned that VPC may have limited workers due to Holidays.

Que sera, sera!