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Vista isn't very efficient at all.

After they wrecked my car, I finally got a new one, unfortunately I had to get it through them, and got shafted during the deal.

Anyways, My paper tag expired on the 5th of December, and called on the 4th, asking them where my perm. state tag was. No one had any idea, just that it wasn't there yet, no ETA, no nothing. Finally someone found it in the business office under a pile of papers that is hardly looked through, and it had been there about a week they told me.

Got my "mock" title that comes in the mail ~2 weeks before the real one comes in. Noticed the color on the car was stated as "BLK". I ave a montego car, NOT black. Jesus Christ! So I call the person who takes car of titles, and she said she would fix it in the computer before the real title got to me. The real itle came about 1 week to 2 weeks later, and it stated BLK. So then I call the same lady back and claims she nevere heard of me asking her to change the color, and asked if I spoke with someone else. I told her, no, I spoke to you. She asked me to bring my title down to them to send off to the state along w/ an affadavit. I laughed, said I didn't trust them to not lose my title, and to fix it on the computer themselves and send out for it. She said they would, so let's see what happens.
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