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Not sure if this is the right place for this string, but I thought it might be useful to know what experiences members have had with BMW NA at different levels.

My only interaction involved a problem in the second week I had my '99 323i, with a fuel pump leak due to a mouse eating through the line right above the gas tank, resulting in a pool of gas beneath the rear seat. I was pretty freaked when I unloaded my three boys and their carseats out of the back seat and pulled it to see where the gas smell was coming from. There was at least a litre or two sitting there waiting to explode... I was once told by a complete BMW-head that sometimes salt gets into some areas during the delivery process (mine was a ED from Munich), causing problems with mice. Not sure why the fuel line would be edible, I have had occasional problems with mice stashing dog food and making nests in the engine compartment and heater boxes with a couple of cars (I live out in the country), but never chewing through fuel lines.

Regardless, the service rep at the local dealership sent a letter to the regional BMW NA management, and they (regional management) sent me a note that was both stupid and rude. Rather than trying to understand the problem and develop a fix, they insulted me for having a pest "infestation". Not very professional; I sure hope no one ever gets toasted because of their lack of foresight.