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Originally Posted by AJ 335TT View Post
Well my car is officially gone! I traded it in to Yakima BMW and got a great deal on a new one. They gave me $38,000 for my car and ordered me another one on ED with the addition of CA and ZCW and it only cost me $3800 tax title and everything included. I just want to thank TTG for all of his help and his connections at Yakima BMW for making this happen.

If anyone in Washington ever wants to order a car PM TTG and ask him to put you in contact with his connection at Yakima BMW. They are awesome! I am out of town for work and wasnít able to drop the car off. My SA drove from Yakima to Seattle (3 hours each way) on his day off to pick up my car. Now thatís service! Not to mention all the other little things they did to make this deal go as smooth as possible.

This is the 3rd new BMW I have purchased in the last 5 years and this is the first time I have felt good about the purchase. Having a dealership that cares about keeping there customers happy goes a long way.

Thanks again TTG and everyone at Yakima BMW.

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