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Originally Posted by MrOffshore View Post
In-freaking-credible...I wish I was able to plan something like looks incredible. My ancestors are all from Germany and I would love to go over there, picking up a car built there would have only made it that much nicer. Congrats and thanks a million for sharing!!
Do it. do it, do it. Sooner (younger) the better. One of the best experiences in life is visiting relatives from your family's place of origin. I don't think I have any close German relatives left, but my son and I both felt like Munich was our long lost home. Next trip I'd like to look up my relatives in the Netherlands.

Driving your own car gives you a feeling of belonging to a place. You do the simple, everyday things, like stopping to help push someone's stuck car, or pulling into a grocery store for some snacks. It's a wonderful freedom.