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Originally Posted by hunter399
Car looks great
Needs a drop
Glad yo hear you love the F1s, thats what I went with

How would you compare your old tires to your new ones?
Thanks! Difference is like night and day. This is the 3rd set of tires on the car and best by far. I replaced the run-flats w/ Dunlop M3's during the winter and those rode better than the run flats. That's sad when my sports sedan rides better on winter tires than the stock "high performance" tires that it came with from the factory.

The F1's ride awesome, I can't even tell I've got 19" wheels and those low-profile tires, the ride is that good. The car is also tighter now from a steering aspect. I can't wait to get through the 1st 500 mile break-in and really test them out. Great choice, you'll love them.