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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I'm sure it will but the specs of the bolts might be a little different.
The pads of course will be differnet as well, but overall it's the same concept with most BMWs.

I did my dad's brakes in his Lexus LS430, and I couldn't believe he had 4 piston in the front and 2 piston in the rear.
It made me wonder what it would be like with more stopping power, so I purchased the rotora caliper kit and put those on.
What a difference!
6 piston in the front
4 piston in the rear

Great stuff. I'm glad that you guys are finding this thread helpful.
Sweet, how difficult was the install for the Rotora calipers? Do you have any pics of them installed?

I'm also loving my low dust pads (Axxis/Centric). I was concerned with the way they felt for the first week (long pedal and not much bite) but that got much better after a proper bed in and the pads breaking in onto the rotor. Now they're great! And My wheels stay clean for weeks!

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