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Dilema...lowering or changing size?

Hello to all, I am expecting my E90 this week, but I have some doubts on one single choice. You see, I live in Greece and the quality of the roads harms cars, as much as an unlucky compliment harms a woman . I always liked the 162 rims, but I was held back because of the possible cost of the tyre size, and the damages (and noise) when over potholes. I therefore choosed the 160s, which I like too, but they are definatelly not 162s.

I realized that they look a bit small inside the wheel dome after personal inspection, and I'm now thinking... should I replace 160s with 162s, or get the sport suspension? I like sports driving, but I don't want my spine to crack over potholes (as happens with the m-sport package).

So here you are, large rims with extra tyre cost, or sport suspension with less attractive rims?Sorry if you find this post off-topic, but it suits both rims and tyres