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Post Official Part Numbers!

OK, when in doubt

I pulled the paperwork that came with the kit (now there is a novel thought) and lo and behold - it had the Parts List for SCHALTKINEMATIK (or as we have been calling it, the Short Shift Kit):

25 11 0429269 - Performance Gear Lever (aka the shift knob)
25 11 1220379 - Circlip
25 11 0429990 - Bellows for Performace Gear Lever (aka the alcantara boot)
25 11 1220600 - Bearing Shift Lever
25 11 0434219 - Shift Lever (aka short shift lever)

The ones in bold are the minimum required for the install . . although you may be able to get away with using the old bearing and circlip if you want to go el cheapo.