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I disagree. It is awful and if you dig deep you will find that I was a fierce advocate for it when we first got our E90.

Since then I have been in many other cars with similar interfaces. iDrive is truly the worst. Even the Nav on our family's '03 S Class is better. So are systems on 'lesser' vehicles like the 07 Camry and a buddies Buick Ranier SUV. There's now no excuse.

Recently I timed a few voice commands. The command 'Sat Channel One Hundred Twenty Four' took 16 seconds from the moment I started talking to the moment I heard 124. Way to long especially if you are listening to music. Other commands take just as long leaving you with long periods of silence - and that is assuming that it recognises you command the first time.

It's clunky, illogical and a PITA to program any destination in the Nav.

And before you bitch at me, I have two engineering degrees, currently work in IT and have owned the car two years - long enough to get to know iDrive.

When EVERY review of the system is negative, (find a positive one that wasn't written by JSpira) you have to give up the fanboyism - hard though that is, and succumb to the realization that they are right. It stinks as an interface.

PS, try that new Ford system. It is as good as it appears in the commercials.

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