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Bingo: Your shift lever is installed backwards!!

(Unfortunately) You'll need to:
1) Get under the car and remove the circlip
2) Disconnect the shift lever from the selector lever
3) Rotate the shift lever 180 degrees
4) Reinsert it back into the selector lever
5) Reinstall circlip
6) Pull off and reinstall the shift knob in the correct position!

Except step 6, you MAY be able to do this all from the bottom of the car, or have someone on top help out. Worse case is you simply follow the directions in the DIY - THERE IS NO NEED TO remove the shift lever and bearing from the shift arm though!!

Originally Posted by hulkmax View Post
Excellent writeup, good job!

In "step 26" you are showing two different angles. With the angle you chose as "correct", are the gears fully engaged in R, 1, 3, 5?

I am asking because from the looks of the pictures in "step 26" mine is in the "incorrect" angle which in turn makes sense why people are hitting their hand on the wood trim in 2, 4, 6 gears.

Take a look at my pictures post here and see the one that is in 2nd gear (third picture down):

Here is one: