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Originally Posted by Kimo
The nice 1-800 lady tells me today that my wife's "vehicle is being transported to the port of exit." I assume yours is too? If you live in OH, would your car be coming into port in Charleston, or in NYC? We're doing a Performance Center Delivery in Spartanburg, so Charleston is right for us. Maybe we CAN make one of the July 5/6/7th boats. W&W is still not recognizing her VIN as being booked yet though.
Kimo, I'm in Cincy and know from the dealer the car will come through Charleston, SC. There now appear to be a 7/5, two on 7/7 and 7/11 departure from Bremerhaven to Chas. 7/5 is likely out of the question, but my car too is now "being transported to the port of exit". See below. Best bet is del. in Chas. between July 20-27 on one of four boats. Otherwise, it will probably be 8/3. My VIN is also not recognized yet on W&W's site.

Origin Port Departure Destination port Arrival Vessel Voyage Transit (Days) Booking

BREMERHAVEN 05/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 20/07/2005 ISOLDE EQ527-ISO 15 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 07/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 23/07/2005 PATRIOT EB517-PAT 16 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 07/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 27/07/2005 MAERSK TIDE EA527-MKT 20 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 11/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 26/07/2005 FALSTAFF EQ528-FAL 15 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 14/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 03/08/2005 MIGNON EA528-MIG 20 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 18/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 03/08/2005 UNDINE EQ529-UND 16 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 20/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 03/08/2005 LIBERTY EB518-LIB 14 Book It
BREMERHAVEN 25/07/2005 CHARLESTON,SC 08/08/2005 FREEDOM EB519-FRE 14 Book It
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