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Originally Posted by SteveMD View Post
You're a funny guy.

Tell me honestly, if you have the map in the left hand window with the radio running, how many seconds would it take you to adjust the bass and then revert to the map again. You can use voice commands if you want. Also, you cannot use the preset buttons.

I'm going to bet that you cannot do it in less than 15 seconds. More if you do it by voice. That is unnacceptable for mundane every day procedures like adjusting bass, balance etc.

How many seconds (minutes likely) would it take to enter in a new destination into your iDrive - again you can use voice commands if you want. I challenge you to do it in under a minute - something which on any Garmin can be done in under 15 secs.

I don't know what the ultimate solution is but since this forum is for helping other owners and prospective owners, I'm telling them that it is woefully inadequate.

Now go time those two tasks for the board, don't practice now.
You mentioned something about fanboyism being unacceptable, however you are basically exactly the same, just in the opposite direction. Let it go already, no reason to be so bent out of shape. If you don't like IDrive don't buy it again, or sell your car. There is no reason to attack everyone else's opinion on it just because you dislike it so much. Calm down .. breathe.

For the record, I love it. It's my not be the most intuitive of all the navis on the market, however IDrive is not just about Nav. For me the IPod inegration seals the deal. I use navi about twice a week, at most, however I use the large screen to browse my IPod, FM and SAT radio, address book on my cell phone, etc, at least an hour EVERY day. IDrive is a total package, with very sleek integration. The POI thing bugs the hell out of me, but I get by. I'd rather take an extra 25 seconds to find my POI, than have a aftermarket unit(I don't care how cool it is), sitting, out of place, on my dash or attached to my windshield. Just my humble opinion though.

Second for the record, the gentleman who stated the IDrive could accept 12000 commands a second or whatever .... you're an idiot.

That is all.