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Originally Posted by jimi_hoffa View Post
You mentioned something about fanboyism being unacceptable, however you are basically exactly the same, just in the opposite direction. Let it go already, no reason to be so bent out of shape. If you don't like IDrive don't buy it again, or sell your car. There is no reason to attack everyone else's opinion on it just because you dislike it so much. Calm down .. breathe.
The opposite of fanboyism is objectivism. I am on no crusade and would never own a BMW without an integrated nav system. My next one will have it and so will the one after.

I am certainly not 'bent out of shape' but if you perceive me to be so, it is most certainly due to the unsubstantiated drivel being spread around on E90Post about how iDrive is: the best in the known universe - in any vehicle, and wisdom like 'if you hate iDrive you are A: dumb, B: old, C: don't own one, D: computer illiterate.

None of which is true.

I was once a huge fan, vehemently defending the ultimate in vehicle GUI integration against all 'haters'. You can search back and find the threads.

After two years though, I came around and realised it is horrible.

<edit> I just tried changing the bass from the map screen and back to the map screen. 25 seconds. To change the bass a little. Yes I could probably do it a little faster but still. Unnacceptable.
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