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Slowest damn boat ever to cross the Atlantic....Looks like it has finally ported in NY / NJ. Funny, my dealer called today to say he anticipates I can take delivery by this weekend......Hoping for no suprises

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Voyage: EA606-TCR

The sailing schedule and ports of call are subject to change without notice.
Note: Red ports of call means the vessel has already sailed.

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Port Country Arrival Departure

BARCELONA SPAIN 28/01/2006 28/01/2006
BREMERHAVEN GERMANY 07/02/2006 09/02/2006
GOTHENBURG SWEDEN 10/02/2006 11/02/2006
ZEEBRUGGE BELGIUM 13/02/2006 13/02/2006
SOUTHAMPTON UNITED KINGDOM 14/02/2006 14/02/2006
HALIFAX, NS CANADA 25/02/2006 25/02/2006
NEW YORK, NY U.S.A. 27/02/2006 27/02/2006
NEW YORK, NY U.S.A. 27/02/2006 28/02/2006
BALTIMORE, MD U.S.A. 01/03/2006 01/03/2006
BRUNSWICK, GA U.S.A. 03/03/2006 03/03/2006